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…and the idea was born


A life in Paris

I was born and raised in Paris and I was always interested by art in all forms. Paris, luckily for me, is a city, where culture and art is a commonplace and is easily accessible. Indeed, all museums are free until you turn 25, so I could really enjoy and develop my sensibility for art. Directly after high-school, I decided to study International Business and Marketing at the ESCE, a Paris business school. My studies gave me many opportunities several time to live abroad.

Two semesters in Berlin

The first time I moved was in 2012, to Berlin. As I said, I was always interested by art in general but my interest for art really picked there. I discovered an entire new universe with street-art and I got fascinated by the diversity and freedom of art. I would go every weekend to galeries, exhibitions, etc.

A year in Sydney

I later on, moved to Sydney and got blown away by the art scene. I fell in love with the art of artists like Lister and Fintan Magee in particular. It was a very stimulating artistic environment at this time and I could observe challenges faced by different artists. I thought a lot about this topic from different angles for the last 3 years. On the one hand, I realised how hard it could be by many of them to spread their talent to the world.
On the other hand, I realised that as an art lover, I have often felt frustrated by the lack of information about the art pieces and artists.

At the end of 2017, I returned to Australia and again stepped into the lively artistic scene of Sydney and Melbourne. After this, I decided then to launch the project I had been dreaming of during my first travel: offering a platform to artists to promote art through informative, colourful and vivid content.

My inspiration to start a business stemmed from a burning desire to share my passion for art and artists from different backgrounds and countries. I genuinely want people to discover new artistic worlds. Thus, I created SIGNED and my mission is to offer a platform where people can discover artists, relate to their stories, learn and question the art they exhibit on their walls.

Alice, Founder of SIGNED

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