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SIGNED is live!

launching signed

I am so delighted to announce the launch of SIGNED today!!!! It took a couple of months of hard work, travels, learnings, meetings with amazing artists and a big dose of fun for SIGNED to be open.

For this first edition, you will discover 4 artists from 3 different countries. All the artists I have selected are unique in their own ways, however they all share two things in common: a strong urban art influence as well as a deep messages they transport through their art. How exciting!!!

Our 4 artists have created exclusively for SIGNED premium limited edition prints of a selected works of art. All the prints are numbered and signed by the hand of the artists.

You will discover Elif, a 22-year-old artist and model from London who paints scenes representing the life of contemporary women, Fé_tavie the girl who sticks panties paste ups all over Paris, Matthias who questions social media and representation from his studio in Munich and Casiegraphics who spreads awareness around ecological issues between London and Munich. You can learn more about them and their art by watching their interviews on the website.

To Elif, Stefanie, Matthias and Charlotte: thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for trusting me and my crazy ideas, you have made the start of SIGNED so easy, exciting and unforgettable. Thank you for sharing your passion and your art with us. I am very grateful.

Alice, Founder of SIGNED

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