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Giclée Prints versus Posters?


A general definition of an art print

An art print is defined as a printed reproduction of an original work of art. However, art prints can be printed using very different methods with many different materials and in many different numbers and thus exist in very different qualities. Today we will compare poster prints with giclée prints.

What are “poster prints”?

Poster prints are a large format printed paper designed to attached to a wall or vertical surfaces. Poster prints are printed with dye inks which means that they can’t resist the negative effect of time and the sun and fade very quickly.

The paper used for posters is often very acid which turns the poster colour into yellow over time. They are often very affordable as the printing process behind does not require any particular technique and is very cheap.

Posters are a good option when you do not want to spend much money on the art inside your house but if you are looking for a more premium product, then giclées might be what you are looking for.

What are “giclée prints”?

Giclée prints are digital print following a complex printing process. These are the following steps into the making of an Original Giclée Print :

  1. The original work of art is photographed by a fine art photographer
  2. The photographs is then scanned into a computer
  3. The computer produces copies of the original work of art using high-end ink jet printers.

Giclée prints offer the highest possible standard of printing. It is more expensive than a regular poster as the inks are actual colour pigments that ensure longevity and a resistance to the eventual negative effects of sunlight exposure.

The giclée printing technique is so advanced that giclées look identical to the original painting. 

In order to have an original value, the prints must be signed and numbered to ensure that the final proof was approved and checked by the artist.

Thanks to their quality and value, giclée prints have gained popularity among galleries, collectors and even museums.

Giclée prints are a great option to get original and rare work of art inside your house at a much more affordable price than an original piece.  

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