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How to buy the right art piece for you in 4 steps

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You want to buy art for your house and don’t know where to start? Then, this practical art guide on how to buy the right art piece in 4 steps will help you on this exciting journey.

  • Step 1 : Fall in love with the art piece

Before looking at the price, the investment perspectives, who the artist is, the movement, the meaning, you should always ask yourself — “do I love this work of art?” “how does it make me feel?”. This is the most important question when it comes to buy art. Art is what moves and touches people. Art is what adds colours and sensitivity to our everyday lives and art is above all, deeply personal and intimate. So make sure you totally fall in love with the piece before moving any further in your journey.

  • Step 2 : Do your research about the Artist

Get curious about the Artist you buy art from, learn about where he/she is from, his/her personality, favorite topics, themes. Buying art always mean that you are investing in its creator too, so it’s always great to learn about the person behind the piece.

  • Step 3 : Pick an art piece that fits in your environment

There are only a few pieces that can really stand out in your environment. From a purely aesthetic point of view, it’s certainly critical to think about the interior design of the room and the style. However, as seen in step 1, choose a piece which has a strong emotional connection to you, you are going to see this artwork pretty much every day, so you should make sure that it really inspires you. Art is also a way to express yourself, your personality and philosophy of life.

  • Step 4 : Set a budget for it

Art comes with a price and sometimes that price can be pretty..well, unaffordable. Art can be a great investment but it is not an investment that should make you go in debt. Spending money on art, supporting Artists is a great cause, however try to stay mindful of what you can afford.

If the price tag of an original piece is too high, limited edition prints are a great alternative as they are still valuable but much more affordable. When going for this option, make sure the edition is signed and numbered by the hand of the Artists to ensure the value of the piece.

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