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We went to the Affordable Art Fair in London

affordable Art Fair London

We went to the affordable Art Fair in London on this beautiful fall morning. The fair presents thousands of contemporary artworks from galleries from all over the world. The four day event encourage people to engage with and own art at an affordable budget. Indeed, the pieces are priced between £100 and £6000.

The Affordable Art Fair celebrates Art diversity

We really loved how the Affordable Art Fair celebrates the diversity of contemporary art in all shapes and style. You will see work from very famous to emerging international artists and galleries who belong to different artistic movement from street-art, to classic art, to abstract. You will find paintings, prints, photography, sculptures. There are definitely pieces for every taste available.

Affordable Art Fair London paintings
A selection of our favorite paintings spotted at the Affordable Art Fair Artists from left to right : Nina Brooke (Australia) – Marion Cadet (France) – Joakin Allgulander (Sweden) – Bobo Wallmansson (Sweden) – Amanda Arruti(Spain).

An Interactive Art Experience

The gallerists exhibiting are friendly and ready to answer any question and guide you through the process of finding the right art work for you. There are also a lot of Artists who are present with their galeries, it’s an amazing opportunity to approach them and learn more about their work.

The Affordable Art Fair also organises workshops for visitors to think about the different artistic process through activities. There are also workshop for younger visitors to educate children about art.

You will also find coffee both, food and our personal favorite (pardon our french) the champagne and wine booth.

The Affordable Art Fair is a great opportunity to develop your eye and sensibility for art, discover new styles and start a collection at an affordable price.


To conclude, here are the four advices of our founder Alice Grenet on how to make the most of your time there :

1 ) Don’t try to see everything, there are so many paintings, photographs, sculptures, you will get overwhelmed at some point. Walk around the aisles, and focus only on the ones that truly catch your eye.

2) Speak to people, there are many gallery owners and artists on the art fair, ask them questions about the pieces and try to understand the process and meaning behind the pieces.

3) Follow the Artists you like on social media, even if you don’t buy from them today, it’s a great tool to follow their careers and evolution over time!

4) Have fun!



The Affordable Art Fair Battersea
When : 18/10/2018 – 21/10/2018
How to get there : Battersea Evolution / Battersea Park – Queenstown Road – London SW11 4NJ – UK

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