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A quick guide to hang your prints

You have found a beautiful print for your home but you might be wondering what is the best way to hang it on your wall. Here’s a quick guide to hang your prints following our expert’s recommandation.

1. Pick the right frame for you

a quick guide to hang your prints

We suggest to frame the print as it helps making it stand out in a room. You can decide for a frame that fits exactly the size of the print or for one a size bigger with a passe partout. This makes the print look bigger in a room.

We’ve chosen standard sizing for our prints to make it easy for you to find frames. The size of your print is on the certificate of authenticity. If you decide for vintage or second hand frames, we recommend you measure it before buying since older frames can have unusual dimensions.

2. Our expert's tip: remove the glass from the frame

frame with glass and without
Our printer’s tip is to remove the glass from its frame. We use a wonderful textured high quality paper and it would be a shame to hide it under glass reflections. The colours of the print won’t fade away, even if they are often exposed to sunlight as we use UV inks for printing. If the print gets a little dusty, use a small painting brush to delicately remove it.

3. Hang your print on your wall with hanging strips

3m Command hanging frame

Pick the perfect spot for your print in your house, do some measuring to place the print exactly where  you want it. When it comes to the hanging the print, we love the 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips. They are removable and don’t damage walls. We recommend taking the ones that can carry up to 6kg just for extra safety.

Et voilà! Your print is ready to be on your wall!  

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BIG NEWS: We are opening our first Pop-Up Store in Shoreditch London!


Only a few months after their launch in France & Germany in September 2018, SIGNED is coming to London. At SIGNED, the stories behind art counts as much as the aesthetics. The Paris based Startup believes that each artist has a story to tell and a vision to share. That is why they have created an online gallery that promotes artists’ legacy through short interviews and limited edition prints, all signed by the artists.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in galleries and I saw a need for an art space that would speak to customers differently, offering a chance to artists and customers to engage beyond the traditional touch points of purchase.” – says Alice Grenet, SIGNED Founder & CEO. “We offer a uniquely immersive brand experience with a highly curated collection of works of art and deliver our customers the soul and the essence that went into the art they’ll exhibit on their walls at home.”

Laure Iffenecker, Co-founder & Brand Director adds “We live for the passion and dedication of our artists, we are building a community of creative minds from all over Europe where they are free to share their vision to the world and grow their online visibility on our platform”.

Quality is at the heart of everything SIGNED does: each of their giclée prints made in Paris are numbered, signed and exclusively created by the artist for SIGNED. All the prints are delivered with a certificate of authenticity, just like in real galleries. The products range from £80 to £170 and new art prints are added on the website regularly

Name: The Old Bank Vault  

Address: 283 Hackney Rd, London E2 8NA, UK
Event dates: 29th March- 7th April 2019  
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 11am – 4pm

Facebook Event: Attend here

ABOUT SIGNED:  SIGNED is the brand where you will enter to the world of today’s artists. It provides a new way to engage with the art you’ll chose to exhibit on your walls. The company spreads its strong-willed ambition to make the art world approachable, fun and never pretentious.  SIGNED is sold in France, in Germany and in the U.K via Founded in 2018, by Alice Grenet and Laure Iffenecker, two art lovers and friends who have met during their studies at the Parisian business school ESCE. For more information visit

PRESS CONTACT : Alice Grenet – CEO & Founder –