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A quick guide to hang your prints

You have found a beautiful print for your home but you might be wondering what is the best way to hang it on your wall. Here’s a quick guide to hang your prints following our expert’s recommandation.

1. Pick the right frame for you

a quick guide to hang your prints

We suggest to frame the print as it helps making it stand out in a room. You can decide for a frame that fits exactly the size of the print or for one a size bigger with a passe partout. This makes the print look bigger in a room.

We’ve chosen standard sizing for our prints to make it easy for you to find frames. The size of your print is on the certificate of authenticity. If you decide for vintage or second hand frames, we recommend you measure it before buying since older frames can have unusual dimensions.

2. Our expert's tip: remove the glass from the frame

frame with glass and without
Our printer’s tip is to remove the glass from its frame. We use a wonderful textured high quality paper and it would be a shame to hide it under glass reflections. The colours of the print won’t fade away, even if they are often exposed to sunlight as we use UV inks for printing. If the print gets a little dusty, use a small painting brush to delicately remove it.

3. Hang your print on your wall with hanging strips

3m Command hanging frame

Pick the perfect spot for your print in your house, do some measuring to place the print exactly where  you want it. When it comes to the hanging the print, we love the 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips. They are removable and don’t damage walls. We recommend taking the ones that can carry up to 6kg just for extra safety.

Et voilà! Your print is ready to be on your wall!  

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BIG NEWS: We are opening our first Pop-Up Store in Shoreditch London!


Only a few months after their launch in France & Germany in September 2018, SIGNED is coming to London. At SIGNED, the stories behind art counts as much as the aesthetics. The Paris based Startup believes that each artist has a story to tell and a vision to share. That is why they have created an online gallery that promotes artists’ legacy through short interviews and limited edition prints, all signed by the artists.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in galleries and I saw a need for an art space that would speak to customers differently, offering a chance to artists and customers to engage beyond the traditional touch points of purchase.” – says Alice Grenet, SIGNED Founder & CEO. “We offer a uniquely immersive brand experience with a highly curated collection of works of art and deliver our customers the soul and the essence that went into the art they’ll exhibit on their walls at home.”

Laure Iffenecker, Co-founder & Brand Director adds “We live for the passion and dedication of our artists, we are building a community of creative minds from all over Europe where they are free to share their vision to the world and grow their online visibility on our platform”.

Quality is at the heart of everything SIGNED does: each of their giclée prints made in Paris are numbered, signed and exclusively created by the artist for SIGNED. All the prints are delivered with a certificate of authenticity, just like in real galleries. The products range from £80 to £170 and new art prints are added on the website regularly

Name: The Old Bank Vault  

Address: 283 Hackney Rd, London E2 8NA, UK
Event dates: 29th March- 7th April 2019  
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 11am – 4pm

Facebook Event: Attend here

ABOUT SIGNED:  SIGNED is the brand where you will enter to the world of today’s artists. It provides a new way to engage with the art you’ll chose to exhibit on your walls. The company spreads its strong-willed ambition to make the art world approachable, fun and never pretentious.  SIGNED is sold in France, in Germany and in the U.K via Founded in 2018, by Alice Grenet and Laure Iffenecker, two art lovers and friends who have met during their studies at the Parisian business school ESCE. For more information visit

PRESS CONTACT : Alice Grenet – CEO & Founder –

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A Visit at the BMoCA – in Boulder

Last week, I was fortunate enough to visit the city of Boulder in Colorado. Not so fortunate was the weather as it was unbelievably cold (-20 degrees) which usually never happens. However, the sun was still shining and me and my numerous layers of clothes, could explore a little bit the city at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

One of this exploration trip included of course a visit to the Modern Art Museum of Boulder. It’s located in Central Park and the walk to get there is nothing but lovely.

At the entrance door, I was warmly greeted by one of the employee and she asked me if I could share my postal code with her as they collect them from every visitor. I thought the idea was really cool. During my visit there were 2 exhibitions going on, both curated by Ann Daley.

The first exhibition was about Don Coen’s work and his migrant series. I absolutely loved his larger-than-life portraits that show migrants working in the American fields. They were very photo-realistic and showed a lot of humanity, emotion and pride.

They were 15 portraits in total painted by the Colorado Artist. They were inspired by photographs he has taken over the last 10 years. When taking these pictures, the artist got to know the life of these farmers, their personal stories and he has painted that so well. The paintings are very human and emotional. By painting such large scales, he emphasises the existence of these migrant farmers often invisible to the eyes of the American society, but yet essential to it. These workers supply much of the products found in supermarkets and restaurants in the country and no connection (or very little) exists between consumers and these workers.

Although the portraits are very photo realistic, the finishing details by hand with pencil gives a non-traditional approach to this technique. I totally recommend anyone in the area to check it out. The portraits are a 100% worth the trip!

The second exhibition running at the moment is about Karen Kitchel’s work around grass and plants and is called ‘Grasselands’. I was very curious, because I don’t think I have ever paid that close attention to grass before and I didn’t know someone could paint it so well. I sat for a while and just observed her small meticulous paintings.

If in the first place the work seems to be about grass, the real topic is about our environment and the changes taking place in the world around us. And just like that, by capturing our interest with her sensitive art work, she highlights these concerning issues.

I was mainly impressed by her technique. It’s very sharp and there is a crazy depth happening. I truly felt as if I was laying in the grass fields..

Both exhibitions are very different and fascinating in their own ways. I would definitely put this on the list of things to do when you’re in Boulder. The admission fee is also very low, only 2 dollars, so no excuses not to go 🙂

Alice, Founder of SIGNED


Museum Information:
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
1750 13th Street
Boulder, CO 80302

Tuesday – Sunday

11am – 5pm

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How did Mona Lisa become the most famous painting in the world? – #ArtQuestionOfTheWeek

As a Parisian, I have witnessed the craziness around the most famous painting in the World “Mona Lisa”. Every day 15 to 20 000 people come look at this painting at the Louvres. If you go there, be aware that you might not even be able to see it, first of all the painting is quite small and second of all there’s always an insane crowd of tourists surrounding the painting and trying to take failed selfies, and pictures of it they will never ever look again (but that’s another topic.) – so how did this painting become such an icon ?


  • Painted in 1503 by Leonardo Da Vinci, she was immediately considered as one of the most beautiful painting of its time. Da Vinci brought the painting with him to France when moving there and François 1er, King of France bought it. (which was already quite a good start into making it a legend).
  • It was then exposed at the Louvres in the 18th century and was presented as the most beautiful painting of the collection. The work of art represents the outcome of years of scientific research and painting technique of Da Vinci with the enigmatic side of the portrait fascinates billion of people, the smile seems to disappear when you look at it for a while and her eyes remain focus on you wherever you are in the room. Pretty cool, right? 🙂


  • The fame of the painting really exploded during the 20th century after an epic adventure: somehow a guy called Vincenzo Peruggia managed to steal the painting in 1911. Many people visited the museum at that time only to see the empty space and some, started a quest searching for it.
    At that time, people learn that Da Vinci only signed 3 paintings, one of them being Mona Lisa: which only raised the interest and legend around it. It was found in 1913 in Firenze and put back to the Louvres.


  • Many artists after this such as Marcel Duchamps, Ferand Legé, Fernando Botero, Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat will paint their own version of La Joconde which will once again participate to making it even more famous.

The Mona Lisa is since then a true icon in the pop culture and stands as a symbol of not only Da Vinci’s genius but also as an icon to represent Art as itself. So tell me, do you think the fame is deserved or is it too much?

Talk to you soon, 

Alice, Founder of SIGNED

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Why do you need Art in your life?

As the founder of an art company, it’s quite obvious that Art is a passion of mine and i care about it a lot but why should Art be important to you too? 

You probably have a job that’s unrelated to art with busy days filled with work, social obligations, friends to see, family to take care of, so really, why should you make time for art?

I am answering to this question in our “Art Question of the Week” in less than a minute, you can check it on our youtube channel. We’ll make 1 episode every week so make sure to subscribe to our youtube to stay updated.

The subject of this first episode is “Why do you need Art in your Life?”

I’m so curious, tell me, why is it important to you?

Thank you for listening.  See you next week!

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10 artists quotes to live by

dali's quote

When we write, speak, read, sometimes magical things happen. The words seem to perfectly fall out into place as they resonate through our souls. I’ll admit it, I am a “quote addicted” person. I look for new inspiring quotes at least once a day (usually on Pinterest, while drinking my morning coffee) to bring me some inspiration and motivation through the day. 

I love quotes because they can be very helpful to put words on feelings or thoughts we have difficulties explaining. They are a great way to uplift your mood and sometimes create values and drive for a lifetime.

As a quote addicted person and an art lover I thought I’d share with you today my top 10 all time favorite artist quotes.

Please let me know if they also resonate with you and share the quotes you love in the comment section.


Here are my top 10 artists quotes to live by :

  1. “I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.” – Frida Kahlo
  2. “Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it” – Salvador Dali.
  3. “Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life” – Pablo Picasso
  4. “I could do whatever I wanted whether people like it or not.” – Niki de St Phalle
  5. “I am always doing what I can’t do yet, in order to learn how to do it’ – Vincent Van Gogh
  6. “It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not’ – Jean Michel Basquiat
  7. “I live life in the margins of society, and the rules of normal society don’t apply to those who live on the fringe.” – Tamara de Lempicka
  8. “Color is the skin of the world” – Saunia Delauney
  9. “People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish… but that’s only if it’s done properly.” ― Banksy
  10. “The moment you cheat for the sake of beauty, you know you’re an artist.” — David Hockney

I wish you a great and inspiring day, 

Alice, founder of SIGNED

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We went to the Affordable Art Fair in London

affordable Art Fair London

We went to the affordable Art Fair in London on this beautiful fall morning. The fair presents thousands of contemporary artworks from galleries from all over the world. The four day event encourage people to engage with and own art at an affordable budget. Indeed, the pieces are priced between £100 and £6000.

The Affordable Art Fair celebrates Art diversity

We really loved how the Affordable Art Fair celebrates the diversity of contemporary art in all shapes and style. You will see work from very famous to emerging international artists and galleries who belong to different artistic movement from street-art, to classic art, to abstract. You will find paintings, prints, photography, sculptures. There are definitely pieces for every taste available.

Affordable Art Fair London paintings
A selection of our favorite paintings spotted at the Affordable Art Fair Artists from left to right : Nina Brooke (Australia) – Marion Cadet (France) – Joakin Allgulander (Sweden) – Bobo Wallmansson (Sweden) – Amanda Arruti(Spain).

An Interactive Art Experience

The gallerists exhibiting are friendly and ready to answer any question and guide you through the process of finding the right art work for you. There are also a lot of Artists who are present with their galeries, it’s an amazing opportunity to approach them and learn more about their work.

The Affordable Art Fair also organises workshops for visitors to think about the different artistic process through activities. There are also workshop for younger visitors to educate children about art.

You will also find coffee both, food and our personal favorite (pardon our french) the champagne and wine booth.

The Affordable Art Fair is a great opportunity to develop your eye and sensibility for art, discover new styles and start a collection at an affordable price.


To conclude, here are the four advices of our founder Alice Grenet on how to make the most of your time there :

1 ) Don’t try to see everything, there are so many paintings, photographs, sculptures, you will get overwhelmed at some point. Walk around the aisles, and focus only on the ones that truly catch your eye.

2) Speak to people, there are many gallery owners and artists on the art fair, ask them questions about the pieces and try to understand the process and meaning behind the pieces.

3) Follow the Artists you like on social media, even if you don’t buy from them today, it’s a great tool to follow their careers and evolution over time!

4) Have fun!



The Affordable Art Fair Battersea
When : 18/10/2018 – 21/10/2018
How to get there : Battersea Evolution / Battersea Park – Queenstown Road – London SW11 4NJ – UK

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How to buy the right art piece for you in 4 steps

buy Art print in home

You want to buy art for your house and don’t know where to start? Then, this practical art guide on how to buy the right art piece in 4 steps will help you on this exciting journey.

  • Step 1 : Fall in love with the art piece

Before looking at the price, the investment perspectives, who the artist is, the movement, the meaning, you should always ask yourself — “do I love this work of art?” “how does it make me feel?”. This is the most important question when it comes to buy art. Art is what moves and touches people. Art is what adds colours and sensitivity to our everyday lives and art is above all, deeply personal and intimate. So make sure you totally fall in love with the piece before moving any further in your journey.

  • Step 2 : Do your research about the Artist

Get curious about the Artist you buy art from, learn about where he/she is from, his/her personality, favorite topics, themes. Buying art always mean that you are investing in its creator too, so it’s always great to learn about the person behind the piece.

  • Step 3 : Pick an art piece that fits in your environment

There are only a few pieces that can really stand out in your environment. From a purely aesthetic point of view, it’s certainly critical to think about the interior design of the room and the style. However, as seen in step 1, choose a piece which has a strong emotional connection to you, you are going to see this artwork pretty much every day, so you should make sure that it really inspires you. Art is also a way to express yourself, your personality and philosophy of life.

  • Step 4 : Set a budget for it

Art comes with a price and sometimes that price can be pretty..well, unaffordable. Art can be a great investment but it is not an investment that should make you go in debt. Spending money on art, supporting Artists is a great cause, however try to stay mindful of what you can afford.

If the price tag of an original piece is too high, limited edition prints are a great alternative as they are still valuable but much more affordable. When going for this option, make sure the edition is signed and numbered by the hand of the Artists to ensure the value of the piece.

All our limited edition art print here 

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Giclée Prints versus Posters?


Une définition générale d’une reproduction d’art

Une impression d’art est définie comme une reproduction imprimée d’une œuvre d’art originale. Cependant, les tirages d’art peuvent être imprimés en utilisant des méthodes très différentes avec beaucoup de matériaux et en nombres variables et existent donc dans des qualités très différentes. Aujourd’hui, nous comparerons des impressions de posters avec des impressions giclée.

Qu’est-ce-qu’un poster ?

Les posters sont des impressions d’images en large format conçus pour être fixés à un mur. Les impressions de posters sont imprimées avec des encres à colorant, ce qui signifie qu’elles ne peuvent résister à l’effet négatif du temps et du soleil et qu’elles s’estompent très rapidement.

Le papier utilisé pour les affiches est souvent très acide, ce qui fait que la couleur de l’affiche devient jaune au fil du temps. Les posters sont souvent très abordables car le processus d’impression ne nécessite aucune technique particulière et est très économique.

Les affiches sont une bonne option lorsque vous ne voulez pas dépenser beaucoup d’argent pour décorer votre maison, mais si vous recherchez un produit plus premium, alors les giclées pourraient être ce que vous recherchez.

Qu’est-ce-qu’une “impression giclée”?

Les impressions Giclées sont des impressions numériques suivant un processus d’impression complexe, qui doivent respecter les étapes suivantes:

    1. L’œuvre d’art originale est photographiée par un photographe d’art
    2. Les photos sont ensuite numérisées dans un ordinateur
    3. L’ordinateur produit des copies de l’œuvre d’art originale à l’aide d’imprimantes à jet d’encre haut de gamme.

Les tirages Giclée offrent le plus haut standard d’impression possible. Les giclées sont plus onéreuses qu’une affiche classique car les encres sont des pigments de couleur, ce qui garantit la longévité et la résistance aux éventuels effets négatifs de l’exposition au soleil.

La technique d’impression giclée est si avancée que les giclées ont un aspect identique à celui de la peinture originale.

Pour avoir une valeur originale, les tirages doivent être signés et numérotés afin de certifier que l’œuvre finale ait bien été approuvée et vérifiée par l’artiste.

Grâce à leur qualité et à leur valeur, les estampes giclées ont gagné en popularité parmi les galeries, les collectionneurs et même les musées.

Les impressions giclées sont une excellente option pour obtenir des œuvres d’art originales et rares à l’intérieur de votre maison à un prix beaucoup plus abordable qu’une pièce originale.e

Découvrez notre collection de Giclée Print